Book Review: Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Toddler and Meal Planner

20160531_140249When my girls started solids I really needed some inspiration for mealtimes, and it came in the form of this wonderful book: Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Toddler and Meal Planner.

The book covers feeding from first stage weaning for babies through to feeding toddlers, and provides great recipes and meal plans in all the main food groups. It’s easy to use and full of bright colours and illustrations, which make for a pleasant read.

I found some great recipes in here, with some of my girl’s favourites being the chicken and apple balls and the cocktail meatballs with tomato sauce.

I can highly recommend this book for anyone needing inspiration when it comes to feeding their babies or toddlers, and especially for those just starting out with solids.

I’ve been fortunate in that neither of my girls have been particularly fussy eaters and they love their proteins and veggies, but lately they have been a bit more picky about what they eat. I’m hoping it’s just the latest teething episode that has caused this, but I think perhaps it’s time to open Annabel’s book up again to get some ideas. First on the list I’m going to try Mummy’s Favourite Fish Pie.