Daddy’s coming home tomorrow

So IP, aka daddy and husband, is back home from his business trip tomorrow. It’s a frequent occurrence in our house – daddy off on a business trip, leaviIMG-20140909-WA0014ng mommy to play the single parent game. He’s a regional manager for the Sub-Saharan and Indian Ocean islands region for a large international company, so it means lots of trips around the region. He loves his job and he’s damn good at what he does, and I don’t begrudge him for that. But, it does make life a little bit more complicated having two toddlers in the house and no grannies or close family nearby.

Once upon a time, I used to love IP going on the occasional business trip. This was a time before there were kids in the equation. Then, it would be a time for me to catch up with my girlfriends, have some frozen margaritas at Fat Cactus, or pizza and vino at Borusso’s, and just have a great catch up. It would be a time where I got to hold the remote and watch exactly what I wanted on TV and, if I didn’t feel like cooking, well then toast it would be. But, life sure has changed since then. A dog and two babies later, and a whole lot more responsibility has landed on my lap.

Bath and bed time is the most challenging on my own and HJ and AG, our 18-month-old twins, sure do like to  challenge me in this department. They definitely are testing out the boundaries of my tolerance levels. Lately, I’m lucky if I get them down at the same time by 8pm. But once they’re down, finally, this mommy has some down time. With a glass of wine in hand, I sit writing this post, and eagerly await daddy’s return after another challenging fight to get two toddlers to sleep

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