Oh, she looks just like…

Isn’t it funny how people always feel the need to comment on which parent a baby looks like. Family members, especially grandparents, seem to be the biggest culprits. It’s like they must demonstrate some kind of claim to the child by saying that he/she looks just like their daddy, or someone else in their family.

They say that genetically there is some truth to this, that babies when they’re born look like their fathers. Apparently it’s some primal way for the father to be sure that the child is his, and thus he can bond with it.

It just drives me mad that no one can see anything of me in my girls. This was especially the case when they were born and it was all “oh they look just like their daddy!”. I mean, I only carried them for nine (well in my case seven) months. I went through all the pain of labour and giving birth, and the first words out MIL’s mouth is “they look just like daddy”. This unfortunately went on for many months and, in fact, 18 months later, she still goes on about this. Ok, yes, there may be something about an expression they pull that comes from their daddy, and I suppose I can’t complain about that really, he is a handsome chap after all! But, the other day, someone commented how HJ looks just like her grandfather! Um, excuse me, why would you want to tell me that my little girl looks like a 68-year old man, really, really???

They’re beautiful little girls, and I honestly don’t think they look like anybody but themselves. HJ looks like HJ and AG looks like AG. They are uniquely themselves!

Ok, rant over….

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