My week: the good and the bad

It’s been a real week of contrasts in our household, with really great experiences interspersed with really frustrating moments.

These were the two highlights of my week:

IP is home now from his business trip and we got to spend a whole day together, just the two of us, without the kids. We went to the Waterfront, one of our favourite places to meander around, and enjoyed a day of shopping and an awesome sushi lunch. It was so wonderful spending quality time together and being able to just have fun and chat.

I got to have a night off from kiddie bath and bed time, and went out to the movies with some other mommy girlfriends. Appropriately, we watched Mother’s Day. Despite all the negative reviews the movie has received, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the perfect light-hearted entertainment that us tired mommies needed. It was a wonderful evening, and a much needed night off – in fact, my first mommy night out since the girls were born.

On the flip side…

The girls have been rather miserable, thanks to that horrible monster – MR Teething! HJ has her two bottom eye teeth coming out and, oh boy, have the nights been rough. She wakes up screaming and screaming, and it’s so loud that she wakes her sister up and then we have two screeching babes, and we have to calm them down, which takes forever, and so we have all had very little sleep in this house this week.

Added to this, IP has come down with a terrible case of sinusitis and has spent most of the week in bed. The poor guy has not been a happy chappy, but he was a champ last night, doing bath and bed time on his own so that I could have my night out.

But today is Friday – YAY for the weekend!

Here’s hoping that next week is better – oh wait, daddy is going away on another business trip…hmmm…..ok….I will choose to be positive about this. I’m going to remember my previous post about parenting with a positive attitude.

Yes…I think I can, I know I can, I think I can…

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