The five most annoying questions for twin parents

There is one thing that I think I will never get used to as a twin mom, and that is all the attention I get when I take my girls out in public. Pushing a twin pram around immediately garners a lot of interest from strangers, and with that comes a lot of stupid comments and even more stupid questions.

cropped-20150704_0839281.jpgI’m more of an introvert and quite a private person by nature, so having strangers come up to me, commenting about my children and asking me many personal questions is something that I really get tired of, and one of the reasons that I now try to avoid even making eye contact with anyone when out with the kids.

It’s almost like people don’t know what to say, but they feel that they must say something just for the sake of it.

Here are the five most annoying questions I get asked on an almost daily basis:

Are they twins?

Um, well, I am pushing around a double pram with two children the exact same size, who are dressed the same…yes, I think they just might be…

Is it a boy and a girl?

Ok, I’m all for being gender neutral and not labelling kids by the colour or style of their clothing, but when my two girls (who definitely look like girls!) are wearing matching pink dresses and someone asks me if they are a boy and a girl, well….really?

Are they identical?

HJ has very light, almost white, blond, straight hair and blue eyes, while AG has dark, almost red, curly hair and green eyes. Are you blind? Um, no, they are not identical, you silly woman!

Did you know you were having twins?

Um, what century do we live in? Of course I knew there were two babies inside me.

Are there twins in your family?

What does it matter if there are twins in my family? This is just someone’s ridiculous, and not so subtle, way of trying to find out if my twins were “naturally” conceived. And, yes, there are twins in my family now!

2 thoughts on “The five most annoying questions for twin parents

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  2. I get that all the time! Some days I just want to make a snide comment, but then think to myself, shame. So i just smile and nod. Especially when people say they look identical. I just say nothing and let them think they know it all.


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