Ten things I love about being a mother

beingamomI was recently asked what my favourite thing about being a mom was. I really had to think about this, as there are so many things that I love about being a mom, it’s impossible to just name one.

I could go on and on but here are ten things (some simple, some more meaningful) that I love about being a mom.

1) I love it when I come home and my two little girls come running to the front door with their arms held high shouting “mommy!” I have to pick them both up and for at least ten minutes they won’t let me put them down. There is such joy in their faces when they see me, and in that moment I feel so loved and cherished. I’m their mommy and I’m home.

2) I love watching and listening to them when they don’t even realise I’m there or observing them. Their little voices as they chatter away to each other, play with their toys and share their grapes with each other, is just so sweet.

3) I love looking at my children and seeing the amazing combination of my husband and I – knowing that they are half of me and half of him combined into these little humans, is just incredible.

4) I look at them and see the miracle of faith and hope – after the heartache of infertility, I know, without a doubt, that God heard us and answered our prayers.

5) I love seeing my children interacting with their daddy. I love watching how their faces light up when they see him. I love seeing him play with them, chase them round the house and throw them into the air and engulf them in big daddy hugs.

6) I am grateful that my girls have such an amazing father. A man who is firm in his faith and his discipline, yet a softy at heart who adores his children.

7) I love the feeling of my little girl’s arms around my neck, or her head resting on my chest. That contentment of baby cuddles is the best feeling in the whole world.

8) I love watching my girls interact with our pet Labrador. Our Chelsea dog is the most gentle soul and so patient with the girls. They love giving her cuddles and sitting next to her on the floor, and she definitely loves all the extra attention.

9) I love seeing my girls’ personalities develop. They are so different to each other and this toddler age is filled with adventure and discovery. Every day brings something new.

10) I love being out and about with my kids. And although the extra attention pushing a double pram around can be annoying, I am proud to be with my little ones, and beam when I have comments like “What beautiful little girls!” I certainly agree; they are beautiful children!

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