Some days I just want to shop in peace

I don’t think I will ever get used to the attention I get when I am out in public with my twin girls. I recently wrote about this in the five most annoying questions for twin parents.

When I commented in a recent Facebook post that I was so sick of all the attention I receive when I’m out with my girls, someone commented that maybe  I need to adjust my attitude about this and that people are just coming from a good place of interest and looking at two pretty little girls. Hhmm…it’s all well and good for someone to say this when they have never been subjected to all the attention and constant comments and questions. You know what, some days I just want to shop in peace!

Sure, my kids are pretty and people will look as I push a big double pram around. But, honestly, I don’t understand the fascination. It’s not a freak show and we’re not a travelling circus. For one thing, twins are a lot more common these days, and there are plenty around, so it’s not exactly some weird phenomenon. Believe me, I’m not ungrateful to have these kids, and this is why this person’s comment really annoyed me, as they were implying I should almost be grateful for the attention. But people just seem to know no boundaries. I just want to do my shopping, get what I need and go home. I don’t want to be stopped every few minutes to answer random silly questions, or hear mutters of “oh, you must have your hands full” or “double trouble”. How am I even supposed to respond to this? Sometimes I politely smile and move on, other days I just completely ignore it, but, then there are other days when I seriously just want to throw out a sarcastic response or punch the next person who comments.

It can be exhausting, and I guess I kind of know now how a celebrity must feel, with people constantly in their face and wanting to know their business. Often we comment that they wanted to be famous, so they shouldn’t complain, but, honestly, I feel sorry for them (unless they’re a Kardashian, I don’t feel sorry for them!).

I think only another parent of multiples will truly understand where I’m coming from. I’d love to hear other twin mom’s thoughts, so leave a comment if you care to share…

5 thoughts on “Some days I just want to shop in peace

  1. YES. I could have written this blog post! (Was actually thinking about writing about something similar today.) My twins are 6 weeks old and I can’t help but want an invisibility cloak every time I go out in public. Everyone I see always tells me they’re so cute — and asks so many questions — like, is it really your business?? Do I look like I have slept in 6 weeks, and want to engage right now?? Thanks for posting.

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